Herbal Detox Review

herbal detoxHerbal Detox is a colon cleanser that is manufactured by GNC and promised to be a fast and efficient way for you to rid yourself of harmful chemicals and toxins you may have lingering in your body.

At $44.95 for just one week’s worth, we decided to investigate Herbal Detox a little further before we decided to invest in this product.

What Does Herbal Detox Do?

In just seven days, Herbal Detox is promised to be able to flush harsh pollutants and intestinal buildup entirely from your system.

Since Herbal Detox is advertised as being able to work quickly, we expected to see many powerful ingredients; and after looking at this product’s ingredient list, that’s exactly what we found.

What Does Herbal Detox Have Going For It?

True to its name, Herbal Detox does indeed include many herbal ingredients. However, not all of these ingredients are as gentle as the word “herbal” might make them seem.

For example, one ingredient, marshmallow root powder, is not nearly as gentle as its name might make it sound.

Marshmallow root powder, unsurprisingly, comes from the root of the plant for which the fluffy sweet was named. Marshmallow root has been used since times of Egyptian antiquity but not always medicinally.

In fact, marshmallow root is even so powerful that it is often used as carpet cleaner in the Middle East. Although we were looking for powerful ingredients, we don’t necessarily want to swallow Windex in order to cleanse our colon.

Marshmallow root is far from the only ingredient that might be toeing the line of safety though, another ingredient, goldenseal is even strong enough that it has been shown to induce labor, and should therefore not be taken by anyone who is pregnant.


Even though Herbal Detox is equipped with many ingredients that have been shown to force your body to rid itself of anything that is left behind in your system, we feel there are many safer ways to do this.

We feel that Herbal Detox might be too harsh to use, even if just for seven days.

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