Dr Schulze Program Review

When the Dr Schulze Program first started, it was created by a well known doctor, and of course it doesn’t use any ingredients.

So you will not harm and deform your body using potentially dangerous ingredients. You can also avoid fillers and having to purchase the same product over and over again. That is extremely appealing to many individuals.

But can Dr Schulze Program really give you results equal to the ones that you could see from the top colon cleansing product, Colovexus?

Let’s take a more in depth look and see what the real story is with Dr Schulze Program.

Does Dr Schulze Program Really Work?

The problem with the Dr Schulze Program is just that, it’s a program and not a drink mix, pill, etc.

It is inconvenient, it takes planning, it requires you to do all the work and hope for the best. You have to be the one to completely change your diet for a week at a time, maybe go on a liquid cleanse, maybe eat just fruits and vegetables, basically deprive yourself, which is not up many an alley.


The reality is that all of the tips the Dr Schulze Program provides on how to complete a cleanse to jump start your diet and change your life are things we all know. They are extreme measures that we could have all taken if we wanted to go that way.

But it is only a select few that would want to go to those extremes, and 9 times out of 10, or maybe 10 times out of 10, they have already done it. So why would you pay for this?

Instead, I think that you should spend your money on the best colon cleanser out there, Colovexus; this is a treatment that will efficiently purify and detoxify your system better than any other product is able to do.

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Dr Schulze Program User Reviews

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    i had hemoroids and after being in pain everyday, for me it was neither inconvenient nor did i feel deprived. for me i cured my hemoroids. when i did the liver cleanse my energy level increased just like the testimonies i read in his literature. good health requires work something that 90 percent of people do not want to do. i never felt hungry nor did i feel the change in diet were extreme.

    dean peters
    September 26, 2012 at 8:50 pm

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