CVS Internal Cleansing System Review

CVS internal cleansing systemCVS Internal Cleansing System is a colon cleanser that has been made by the nutritional super-company CVS.

Because this product is supposedly able to eliminate toxins, flush wastes and get rid of buildup in just two weeks, we thought we better take a closer look at CVS Internal Cleansing System to see if it is actually at the same level as top-rated colon cleanser 7 Day Colon Cleanser.

What Does CVS Internal Cleansing System Do?

CVS Internal Cleansing System has been divided into three different systems to help address your body’s digestive system in three different ways.

One is formulated specifically to help keep your intestines healthy, another to detoxify your liver and the third is full of soluble fiber that is supposed to give your body what it needs to eliminate its own wastes.

Is CVS Internal Cleansing System Safe?

Even though CVS Internal Cleansing System does have an all natural formula, there are still some ingredients that might leave your body just as traumatized as if you used harsh chemicals.

Ingredients like fennel seed are more potent than their natural origins might suggest. For example, this ingredient is actually so powerful that it is used to make the highly alcoholic beverage, absinthe.

Fennel has been found to have an often negative impact on the body and can cause severe abdominal pains as well as diarrhea.

Although the potential threat of fennel is worrisome, another problem that previous users of CVS Internal Cleansing System had was that it was extremely hard to use.

The directions say that during the first week you’re supposed to take 3 tablets of the intestinal formula at night along with 1 capsule of the liver formula. On top of all of that you’re supposed to take 4 tablets of the fiber formula in the morning and in the night.

And if that wasn’t complicated enough, they get even more specific in the second week, calling for different amounts each day.


Because they use ingredients that could be harmful and they have a formula that is difficult to use, I don’t recommend this product.

Instead, it is my opinion that you should learn more about the highly rated colon cleanser 7 Day Colon Cleanser at This is a product that will really detoxify your system and leave you feeling cleaner and healthier than you have felt in years.

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CVS Internal Cleansing System User Reviews

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    I have used it twice in the past year and have had very good results. I have gotten rid of persistant coughs and depression symptoms. I got renewed energy and felt 200% better after just one week of the two week treatment.

    James Speck
    June 27, 2011 at 6:22 pm

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