African Mango Extreme Detox Review

African Mango Extreme DetoxAfrican Mango Extreme Detox is a supplement that works as a two in one; offering you both a colon cleansing detox and a supplement to help you lose weight.

But does African Mango Extreme Detox work as well as the highly rated 7 Day Colon Cleanser? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

The Good

African Mango Extreme Detox is no longer sold through its individual distributor, but is only available on This is good because it means that there isn’t a company that is controlling the price of tis product and you’ll most likely get a better deal.

However, this can also be bad news because it means that the company that distributes African Mango Extreme Detox has pretty much gone under, most likely due to a faulty product.

The Bad

Not only is African Mango Extreme Detox lacking a strong industrial base, but it is also lacking an impressive list of ingredients. Not surprisingly, this supplement relies heavily upon the powers of African Mango, for weight loss, which has its fair share of skeptics.

Although it’s been all over the media, there has been little to no hard, scientific evidence conducted that proves that African Mango can actually do everything it claims to be able to do. Unfortunately, African Mango is most likely the Paris Hilton of the diet industry: everyone’s talking about it even though it doesn’t do anything.

African Mango Extreme Detox also uses ingredients that have proven to be bad for you. The ingredients cascara sagrada and senna have been identified as stimulant laxatives, meaning that they stimulate the muscles of the colon and the large intestine. This can cause you extreme abdominal pains and even diarrhea.


Because African Mango Extreme Detox not only includes ingredients that are just overinflated media objects, and it has ingredients that have been proven to be bad for you, we cannot recommend this product.

With all the other colon cleansers on the market, we believe that you can find one that is more effective while still being safe–for example, 7 Day Colon Cleanser. To learn more about this proven detoxifying product, visit its official website at

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